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Check out these great new illustrations by local artist Sean Dove! For more of his work, see andthankyouforflying.

Also, tweet how YOU’RE using iAnnotate to #MakePaperJealous for a chance to win one of five great tokens of our appreciation :)

A New Hope for Digital Communication

The short version: 

We’re gearing up to release a next-generation authoring tool. It blows the socks off of the linear word processors we’ve all been stuck using. It’s inspired by years of work observing how we communicate, learn, and record ideas (and of course our experience with iAnnotate). We’ll be launching the first version this summer. 

Want to know more? Read on.

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10 Odd Ways to Use Your Annotation App

When we set out to make the first PDF annotation app for iPad, we knew it would be useful for students, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals needing to read and highlight a lot of paperwork. What we didn’t expect is all the truly unique use cases that followed. From stage managers to dungeon masters, there are people using iAnnotate in ways we never anticipated.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

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